Hong kong's Commercial Debt Collection

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Top Hong kong's Commercial Debt Collection with over $1 Billion HKD collected, our Agents get your accounts, invoices, & judgments paid in HK. As the top Hong kong's commercial debt collector, we recover all types of business debts — with quicker results than other debt collection companies. How? Other debt collection agencies only attempt emails or phone calls to your debtor. But if those usual methods worked, your accounts would be paid by now. Wherever our Client Creditors are located, we do more to get your money back. If initial contact does not succeed, we apply maximum third-party pressure from multiple sources. We even can send a trained investigator to visit your debtor on site (to take payment or document their assets in person). Our industry-leading process collects most accounts in 10 business days. There is NO fee unless we collect money for you. We want to be your long term debt collection solution. Easy to begin: Just tell us about your accounts now.


  • CollectForUExpert specialize exclusively in B2B cases
  • After more than 14 years on the market we have successfully conducted more than 50k debt collection proceedings with over 30k served clients all over the world.  
  • Well qualified staff with a significant knowledge of industry and receivables.
  • We offer prevention services – information whether the company is debt-free.
  • We approach each client individually and prepare a tailored service that fits
    your needs.

    CollectForUExpert offers debt recovery on amicable and judicial terms and proposes expedient conditions of cooperation. What is important to point out is that amicable debt collection is performed based on the “no recovery no fee” rule, which means that we do not charge any fee in cases when the debt collection was unsuccessful.

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Mobile: 8222-2343

Whatsapp: 6396-2317


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