Commercial Debt Collection Our Specialty

Commercial Debt Collection Our Specialty

We specialize in collecting large business debts across the country. Our CEO has over 20 years experience recovering over $500 million in unpaid invoices.

We only collect commercial or business debts, not individual debts like credit cards. However, we will collect from business owners personally if they are personally liable.

Collecting business debts is very different than individual debts. Most agencies that collect both struggle with commercial debts. Businesses think differently than individuals.

Our collectors take a tailored approach for each case. They review all paperwork like contracts, invoices and communications first. To succeed, collectors need to understand how businesses work legally and financially.

They also research the owing company and key contacts beforehand. The more insight, the higher the success rate. Understanding why a company hasn’t paid yet and who you're dealing with are critical.

Collectors try to get to the real reason for non-payment, not just excuses. They listen carefully to learn more about the situation and people involved. Catching inconsistencies can help persuade repayment.

Once the real issue emerges, our collectors create a plan. With experience listening and solving cases, we recover money for our clients 85% of the time from open businesses.

We have great success because our team is highly trained, experienced problem solvers. Please contact us to discuss how we may be able to recover your unpaid business debts.